Terms and Conditions for use of Ruffynes Barn

These terms and conditions are agreed between (1) Michael & Jill Lloyd of Yew Tree Farm, Bonnington, Nr Ashford, Kent TN25 7AY (trading as Michael & Jill Lloyd Farming Partnership) and James Lloyd of Ruffynes Oast (together jointly and severally the “Proprietor”) and (2) any Customer who uses the Venue for whatever purpose (the “Customer”). Use of the Venue by the Customer is deemed express agreement to the application of these terms and conditions.

1. In these terms and conditions the “Venue” means Ruffynes Barn the entrances and exits thereto, and the parking facilities in the nearby field subject to permission from the field owner, and the walled garden, and any ancillary land used by the Customer.

2. The agreed fee for the use of the Venue is payable in full 3 months in advance of the Customer’s usage and is non-returnable in all events (unless the Customer cannot use the Venue due to the Proprietor’s deliberate fault).

3. The Proprietor will make available the Venue for the Customer for the agreed period, but will not be responsible if through force majeur or other cause outside the reasonable control of the Proprietor whatsoever, and under no circumstances shall the Proprietor be liable for any financial damages or compensation other than the return of the agreed fee.

4. The use of the Venue by the Customer is at the Customer’s sole risk and the Proprietor has no responsibility for any loss or damage or injury suffered by the Customer or any of the Customer’s guests or other invitees, whether caused by negligence or otherwise howsoever. The Customer agrees to these terms for itself and also as agent for its guests or other invitees.

5. Access is given to the Venue, and the Venue must be vacated, at the date and time agreed and unless otherwise agreed, the Customer’s usage begins midday before the event and the Venue must be vacated by midday the day after the event.

6. The Customer must leave the Venue after its usage, clean, tidy, swept and with all litter, empty bottles, cans and all other refuse whatever removed by the Customer, and must generally leave the Venue in the condition it was when access was given. The Customer must replace and/or restore and/or make good any damage whatever including fire damage (and must make good any loss whatever) sustained by the Venue or the Proprietor during the Customer’s usage, all at the Customer’s sole expense.

7. The Customer’s use of the Venue creates no lease, license or other property interest whatsoever and the Customer must vacate the Venue immediately on the Proprietor’s first demand.

8. A representative of the Proprietor will be on site or in Ruffynes Oast next door all reasonable times during the Customer’s use and that representative’s directions and instructions must be complied with by the Customer, guests and/or invitees immediately without argument or dispute.

9. The Proprietor reserves the right to reject from the Venue any person who infringes any terms of this agreement.

10. The Venue has planning permission for the playing of music by a discotheque or live band but strictly subject to the noise levels not exceeding 80 decibels which are controlled by an electronic noise limiting devise which must be used at all times by the Customer. The Customer agrees otherwise to comply with the terms and conditions of the Proprietor’s planning permission for the Venue.

11. The Customer must ensure none of the guests or other invitees act improperly or so as to cause offence or nuisance to any neighbour (and will not drink excessive alcohol or use any drugs or other such illegal substances) and understands the Proprietor may reject any person who is deemed in the sole discretion of the Proprietor to be infringing this requirement.

12. This agreement is made by the Proprietor for the benefit of themselves jointly and severally and also as agent for all their servants, agents, representatives or sub-contractors who are entitled to the benefit of this agreement and who may enforce it directly against the Customer